Love is All You Need.

God is Love 1 John 4:8

After 26 years of experiencing the “Happily Ever After” kind of love, I have every reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day. No doubt I will enjoy a romantic dinner and expensive chocolate with my favorite person and I’ll relish every single minute. But, today I’m especially moved as I consider my First Love. Jesus. For I know that without Him, I could not begin to give or receive love.

The Beetles only had it half-right. While it’s true “All You Need Is Love”, love itself, in the way the world defines, is not love at all! We can spend an entire lifetime searching for a love that will satisfy and every time we’ll come up empty, one way or another. Too often we have made a god out of love, instead of believing that there is a LOVE that is EVERLASTING, FAITHFUL, AND TRUE, and it’s found in JESUS!

I’m keeping it simple today! I’m reclaiming my First Love and waving my devotion to Him like a big red heart balloon for all the world to see! ~ Carly

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