40 songs for 40 days {psalm 145}

Day 13

When you open your generous hand,

it’s full of blessings,

satisfying the longings of every living thing.

Psalm 145:16 The Message

A few years ago I wrote my first song, it came from a deep place of longing to meet daily with the Lord.

Basically, it was a journal entry- as I was wrote the words, a melody swirled around and I realized that it was a song.

In the morning I will seek you

I will listen for your voice

I tune my heart to sing your praise

And you will be my joy

I Am Satisfied Carly Carey

For most of my life I’d tried to read the Bible and pray everyday, knowing that it was good for me.

I longed to know Him, to be in communion with Him.

Time. That was the issue. Or at least that’s what I thought.

At night I will remember

That in You I find my rest

The countless times Your grace has found me

I am filled with thankfulness

I Am Satisfied Carly Carey

So I made a plan!

Before the rest of the house would wake up I’d sit with Him. Read His Word. Pray. Write down bits and pieces of my heart…

and He used it all.

I am satisfied

My lips will glorify

The One who sets me free and saves my life

Fully satisfied

Lord You’re my supply

The One who fills my cup, who hears my cry

I Am Satisfied Carly Carey

I built in a routine that now, five years later, is still in place. It has been life changing. Bringing forth the passion and purpose that I was created for!

Many more Songs of Deliverance have surfaced through this intentional space- created for daily communion.

Daily Bread.

Your Living Word guides my heart

Draws me close to You

Quiet waters to my soul

I cling to Your truth

Soul Satisfying.

My heart is full and overflowing

With this treasure I have found

Blessings beyond measure

Lord, my life, You’ve overwhelmed

I Am Satisfied Carly Carey

Day 13- Make space.


— Carly

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