40 songs for 40 days {HAPPINESS}

DAY 14

The Lord is my shepherd;

I shall not want.

Psalm 23:1

Ole’ Ben doesn’t look so HAPPY, does he?

Here we are; Day 14 into our 40 Days of Lent and I’m thinking about all the ways the world promises HAPPINESS

through money …and power

…fame …and prosperity

…on & on & on …

Several years ago when our kids were small, finances were often incredibly tight. On one particular day I was totally overwhelmed and I remember sitting at our desk in the hallway talking to my husband on the phone about a payment due and “How in this world were we ever going to pay it?”. Just after we hung up, our little girl came around the corner and sweetly said “Mama, don’t cry, tax time is coming”.

My tears quickly shifted to laughter …

and then to shame.

What had I said?

Had I sent the wrong message to my little girl? She obviously had heard something in my conversations that expressed faith in a system.

Out of the mouths of babes … GOODNESS!

Can I just encourage you today?

The Pursuit of Happiness in a system provided by the world will never be enough.

It’s been nearly 16 years since that day in the hallway and a thousand times over my God has proven that HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. — CARLY

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