40 songs for 40 days {So Will I}

Day 23

Let the entire universe erupt with praise to God.

From nothing to something He spoke and created it all.

Psalm 148:5 TPT

Ever had one of those moments when you knew you’d walked into something sacred? Like someone had laid out their heart for you to see.

We were sharing the gospel with a group of children – all huddled up under a tree, trying to stay in the shade on warm September afternoon. There was a young man who stood in the distance, slightly distracted, busy, but staying close. The type some might consider “TROUBLE”. He was playing in the mulch.

I finished my lesson on the little boy Samuel and how he heard the Voice Of God. I noticed the young man waving for me to come over. I made my way to where he was standing. He didn’t say much, just pointed to the mulch and said “I made this”.

I was not expecting what I saw.

While I was teaching the bible story – he was finding sticks and breaking them to just the right size to create what was before me.


Overwhelmed with this simple message – I could’ve wept. This expression of creativity was inspiring. He was using what he had to GLORIFY HIS MAKER!

On Day 23 I’m especially grateful for all the ways God uses His creation to inspire. I pray that we all would let go of our inhibitions and release His Very Nature. — Carly

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