40 songs for 40 days {Wilder}

Day 24

O Lord what an amazing variety of all you have created! Wild and wonderful is this world you have made, while wisdom was there at your side. This world is full of so many creatures, yet each belongs to you.

Psalm 104:24 TPT

She was about 3 years old, the rest of her siblings were in school. Our days were simple. I’d stay busy with things around the house and she’d stay busy with her dollhouse. My little mini me.

Only this day I walked past her room and saw something that will forever be etched in my memory. She had confiscated one of my worship cd’s, listening to Let It Rain, she bowed down, face to the heavens, arms outstretched, singly sweetly to Jesus. Tears pouring down her little china doll face.

This is her way.

All Heart & Wild Abandon.

Let’s approach the second half of these 40 Days like my little girl did in her bedroom that morning.

Bowed down.

Face to the heavens.

Arms outstretched.

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