40 songs for 40 days {Amazing Grace}

Day 32

I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord today!

Psalm 122:1

I took this picture last September at my Grandma Passmore’s burial.

Through the years Grandma would want to go over to the park (Mammoth Cave National Park), where she would share countless stories as we walked through the yard and into the church, down the aisle, up to the altar. I’d listen intently as to somehow experience the simplistic way of the past she would describe. Her words were thick with emotion as she poured them out.

It always felt sacred to me.

Worn down wooden floors & pews, hymnal books full with treasured words, a humble altar.

Sacred simple.

I could just imagine all the livin’ that had happened within those walls as families & neighbors gathered to celebrate life & death & all the ordinary Sundays in between.

Having lost 2 grandmothers in 2020, I’ve taken much comfort in the sweet memories we shared. Among them were plenty of times singing this familiar hymn together.

Sharing Amazing Grace on Day 32. I pray you’ll find comfort in these lyrics today. — Carly

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