40 songs for 40 days {You Keep on Getting Better}

Day 39

Because your love is better than life,

my lips will glorify you.

Psalm 63:3

Whether you’re just visiting this blog for the first time or you’ve been following along for the full 40 days, or somewhere in between …

I pray this journey has brought a deeper connection to the ordinary stuff of life.

You know – The People. The Places.

The Food. Nature. The Art & Music.


Most importantly all the ways they LEAD US TOWARD SEEING THE GOODNESS OF GOD!


I decided to do 40 songs for 40 days out of a deep desire to observe Lent. To be honest, there were days when I had no clue what to write about, by the time I hit Day 10 I was fresh out of material!

While I wasn’t quite prepared for the commitment I’d made – I must say that having a routine of reading scripture each morning & carefully listening to a lyric that carried the same message brought much joy & delight to each day. I think I’ll stick with it!

Sometimes just jumping right on in to something without overthinking, pushes us outside of ourselves and produces something beautiful.


The Lenten season can be observed from many different angles – unique to one’s own expression.

Scripture, Story, & Song is almost always my go to! ❤️

I can’t help myself!


Sharing this song on Day 39 because it’s the one that’s on repeat! The daily reminder that no matter the circumstances around me –


Father, help us to see that Your Goodness is all around us. May our lips ever be glorifying You. From the time our feet hit the floor to the moment we lay our heads in the evening – You are good.

❤️ Carly

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