❄️ Abide // The Deep Work of Wintering

In this season I find,

When I sit with the Truth and a hand to hold, winter’s chill starts to fade & I am left with a grateful heart & a growing count of all my blessings.

Community changes how we see things.

How we see our circumstances.

How we see each other.

How we see the task in front of us.

How we see our next steps.

In community we grow stronger.

& as we sit with community for a time, we may start to recognize the hand we’ve been grasping so tightly—the hand that walked us through the coldest of winds, the bitterest winter—

& we realize the hand that’s still holding ours wasn’t our sweet sister’s at all, but the nail-scarred hand of the Savior.

He’s not going anywhere

& we’re not going anywhere

We’re just going to stay right here.

Housefires // Abide

& this community we love and treasure—leads us to a beautiful & hidden place of communion.

This is the treasure we’ve found in the darkest night—

Father, Son, & Holy Spirit

Creator of the universe

Savior of the world

Comforter of the soul

offering us a hand to hold—it’s more than we can ask for—more than we can fathom.

Dante Bowe // Maverick City // The Real Thing

Here we abide.

Here is the real thing.

That He sees us right where we really are.

& He is holding on to us—every emotion, every intention, every expression, every broken piece of our heart.

This is the deep work, the root growth, the hidden heart healing of winter.

Published by Nicki Bishop

Inspirational Writer // Arts & Literacy Instructor // Worship Musician

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