BIG LOVE ♥️ LOVE BIG // Learning to Live From The Father’s Heart

🖤 // Behind Closed Doors

How was your January sisters? Were you able to set new rhythms that are working for where you’re at in this current season?

How’s your heart? Do you feel lonely, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?

What about your mind? Does it race and worry and wonder what’s next?

Your body? Tired?

& your spirit? Broken? Fighting for peace….

Here’s where I’ve been…

I finished 2021 with a social media fast with the intention of having some quiet space for how I would come into the new year. To my utter delight I quickly began to see a path clearly set before me and so I began planning…

  • Celebrate my people well
  • Get back to painting
  • Engage with my church family
  • Practice sabbath rest

Then just a few short days in— I found myself in the middle of the the most quiet, slow, silent season of my adult life.

So I did what any woman would do—I rearranged furniture! 3 rooms in 2 days. I cranked up Adele & Maverick City and set my decorating skills to work. Anything to avoid being still…

Then it started snowing & winter set in—hard & cold and there I was, alone with myself—just me, a cup of hot tea, a cozy fire, & my thoughts.

Snow fell.

Tears fell.

& then… Grace fell.

Behind closed doors, in a safe place—The Father, Abba, Daddy-God began to break open my heart & teach me about His.

Through the month of February we want to invite you to come alongside us as we share how The Father is showing us more about how He Loves & how when we receive this Love—the BIG kind of love, the kind that has the capacity to hold everything our hearts endure & long for, it compels us to Love Big! ♥️

We’re loving this lyric from Maverick City…

“You will never leave
Your love sustaining me
Before I even knew
What love was

You’ve brought me here to rest
And given me space to breathe
So I’ll stay still until
It sinks in”

—Lean Back, Amanda Cook & Chandler Moore

I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. ♥️ Carly

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