Treasures New & Old

Sitting here this morning on my veranda I’m surrounded by little treasures that remind me of my granny. The glider my grandpa bought her, the painted rocks that we all painted for her garden, fresh blackberries, ivy that covered the back of their stone house, flowers—always flowers…

She would’ve loved today, a cool summer morning —perfect for sitting outside. Sharing slow conversation about years past, lessons learned, disappointments, & treasured memories.

I’d give anything to have one more day with her.

I didn’t always recognize it then, but in this season of life it’s so clear to me that our experiences & the people we share it are what shape us.

Last week Nicki shared the disciples response to Jesus when He asked them if they understood what He was teaching them through The Parable of the Net Matthew 13:47-50 & how quickly they replied “Yes”!

They couldn’t possibly understand the fullness of what they were a part of! Just like we can’t always fully understand the impact we make on others lives in real time.

I think there’s purpose in that, a kind of grace. Perhaps if we knew the depth of it, we’d try to be too perfect.

& real, messy, beautiful treasure would be lost.

“…the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.”

Matthew 13:52b {Hidden Treasure series, The Pearl Community}

So sisters, we take along with us old treasure into the new—we gather memories like those stones we painted for Granny’s garden & pass them onto the next generation.

This past weekend marked two years since we said goodbye to Granny this side of Heaven. We’re still unpacking what she left behind. Just this morning my mama texted saying she was making banana pudding & cutting up watermelon, Granny’s summer go-to’s!

Nearly everyday I catch myself doing something that I know came from her—how I often find myself humming random hymns, the urgency I feel to share my faith with others, the way I pray for my children & grandchildren while falling asleep at night, naming them one by one—asking Jesus to hold them close & keep them safe.

All this—a reminder that discipleship happens in all kinds of ways.

In homes, at tables, on verandas…

This week I hope you’ll take time to remember the ways God uses your past—the people, the places, the things to prepare you for what He has in store!

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2 thoughts on “Treasures New & Old

  1. Finding little treasures in the Word, sharing them with others, and lots of love is all discipleship really is! I so enjoy each detail and thought in how you shared that the messy amazing little treasure of everyday life and who you share them with is really what shapes us! And each example we see and person we admire shapes how we disciple/share life with those around us!


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