Thoughts By The Campfire

Recently I spent a long weekend camping with my husband and our (mostly) grown children. Each day held its own flavor, literally… apple crisp, apple cider, s’mores, bakes beans, campfire corn, and fried potatoes, lot’s and lot’s of fried potatoes! We spent cool brisk evenings by the fire, laughing till our bellies hurt. A four hour game of monopoly and discussing politics kept things interesting to say the least. Complete with a playlist to include Tom Petty, The Fray, Need To Breathe, and Elevation Worship. Having such playlist to suit the whole crew was tedious and important work, but oh so incredibly necessary! (BIG THANKS to our resident DJ’s!)

Watching my (now adult) children banter back and forth was by far my favorite part. So many things like when they were little, yet so very different. Two married, a man child, a high school senior, and two beautiful grand babies. All a little kinder, a little more patient, and definitely more forgiving. I couldn’t help remembering that not too long ago some of our relationships were strained, the pressures of being teenagers and siblings often made for difficult days. Their daddy and I putting out fires and playing tag team on the regular. Hitting hard our pillows at night with heavy hearts, praying that this too would pass.

It did.

Thank God.

The Grace of God keeps on showing up, and oh how we need it! The ebb and flow of growing up and working through hard things produces the character needed to thrive in this life we’re all living in. These were the thoughts swirling through my mind like the smoke hovering over the fire I was sitting in front of.

Will there be more difficult days? ABSOLUTELY.

Will we make it? ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

10 things I learned by the campfire…

  • Unconditional Love creates space for individuality.
  • You can listen to Tom Petty and Elevation Worship on the same playlist and enjoy it!
  • Everyone’s got a different idea about how a marshmallow is supposed to be cooked. (Toasted and gooey in the middle for me!)
  • Apple cider brewed on the open flame always tastes better. (You should try it!)
  • Camping is not complete without peanut m&m’s. (CAREY FAMILY TRADITION)
  • Strung Edison lights create the perfect camping aesthetic. (all the feels)
  • Everything tastes better fried in an iron skillet. (EVERYTHING)
  • It doesn’t get better than a foggy morning at lakeside.
  • People who camp are a lot friendlier than average folk. (hence “Happy Camper”)
  • Kids grow up. They become a adults. They eventually start figuring things out…

And that’s okay… it’s what makes life extraordinarily ordinary.

2 hours in… 2 to go (man child for the win!)
Grilled Corn.🙌🏼
Happy Birthday KK♥️

Had to end with s’mores!

Let’s be intentional with how we spend our days. Whether we’re in our homes or on the campground we need to remember that life is short and what we pour into our kids and the folks around us is what matters most!


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