40 songs for 40 Days {Words}

Day 18

So may the words of my mouth, my meditationthoughts,

and every movement of my heart be always pure and pleasing,

acceptable before your eyes, my only Redeemer, ProtectorGod.

Psalm 19:14 TPT

I was having a rough morning,

I said some things I regretted.

My youngest son got the brunt of it.

To be honest some 17 years later I couldn’t tell you what happened that morning. What I remember is what my little boy said on the car ride home that day.

He sat there in the front seat, feet barely touching the floorboard, he smelled of grass and dirt and little boy, the knees of his khaki uniform pants stained from recess.

I apologized for the words I’d spoken earlier that day, broken – asking forgiveness, I explained my mama heart.

He listened patiently – this is his way.

Once I finished he simply said, “I forgave you this morning”.

The relief and redemption his words gave that day in our minivan, were healing. I’ll never forget them.

In the years to follow he would introduce me to the song Words by Hawk Nelson. I hope you’ll listen and take this message to heart.

Words can build us up

Words can tear us down

Start a fire in our hearts or

Put it out

Words Hawk Nelson

It’s Day 18 of our Lenten journey and I’m humbled once again by the words of my little boy all those years ago. So pure and profound.

Father, may we be slow to speak and quick to listen. May our words reflect your heart.

— Carly

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